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Staging The Interior Of Your Home

How To Stage Your London Home 

When it comes to selling your home, it’s important to always keep in mind you’re selling a lifestyle, but not necessarily your own. When staging your home for the real estate market in London, Ontario, you’re going to be aiming for a fresh look that isn’t taste specific. What this means is you need to depersonalize your home so that it appeals to the largest number of Buyers. A more neutral place will appeal to buyers with varying tastes who feel they can more easily make it their own. In this article, we will take you through the areas to consider when staging your home for the real estate market.

Home Staging and Decorating – What's The Difference? You may be thinking that staging your home is all about decorating it to look as appealing as possible but there is a subtle difference between staging and decorating that needs to be understood.

They may have some things in common such as:

Design principles

Improving the look of a home

Design trends

Working with furniture, art and colours

The difference lies in who the home is being designed for. A designer needs to know the lifestyle and aesthetic tastes of the homeowner. The stager needs to know what the Buyer's market is looking for. This depends on where your home is located, time of the year and the current market conditions. When you only wish to decorate your home, hire a decorator but when selling, hire a stager who will understand the Buyer’s market and how to make your home look appealing to the largest percentage of potential Buyers.

The Mindset for Home Staging

If you have a particular decorative style you may want to scale it back a bit. While it’s nice to have a distinctive style, you will be limiting the number of Buyers as the style will only appeal to a small percentage of them. You want to emphasize the home's functionality while making it look welcoming and organized. If it’s been some years since you last updated your home, chances are you will need to update it with latest tastes and give it a modern, fresh feel. You’ll want furnishings and colors that are clean and simple. The key aim with staging is depersonalization and selective design rather than personalization and decoration.

Key Areas to Consider

Kitchen and Bathroom – remove any personal items or distinctive style. This is not the time to be showing off your tastes but rather to appeal to people’s imaginations. Make the space neutral and open to emphasize its functionality and what changes a Buyer could potentially make.

Spare Bedroom – this is usually the least furnished room in the house so it’s worth relying on this neutral area to entice buyers with what they could do. The color scheme should be simple and appealing to both men and women.

Accessories – remove personal items such as family portraits and replace them with a few art pieces. Leave out functional and aesthetic things like books, notepads and plants to emphasize the functionality of each room as well as the design capability.

Always Thinking Different

We know the London market, it's why our clients feel we are the best agents in town! 

When selling your home, you need to think outside the box and imagine what a Buyer might be looking for. It’s difficult remaining impartial about your home but if you want it to sell you must look at it from another person’s shoes.

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